Fragrance Industry Launches New Animated Video Series

First in Series, “Making Scents,” Brings to Life Complex Art and Science of Designing Scents and Fragrances

The International Fragrance Association North America launched a new web video series today using animation to simplify the complex art and science of making scents and fragrances. The first video, titled “Making Scents,” explains the different types of fragrance ingredients, research and safety testing of ingredients and the work that goes into creating a new fragrance.

“Fragrances and scents are part of the daily lives of people around the world, yet most people don’t understand the research and artistry that goes into making a single fragrance.  A fragrance artist must work with a specified palette of tested ingredients to create a new scent.  It takes years to design the perfect fragrance, so it makes sense that fragrance makers do not share the unique recipes for their creations,” said Jennifer Abril, IFRA North America Executive Director.


Tue, 2011-06-14