Award Recipients


Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award
Stephen Manheimer

Born and raised in New York City, Steve took a strong interest in the industry at a very early age. His father was a very strong influence as he had both a keen sense of smell and a great way with people. In the early 1950's, Steve’s Dad, Edwin Manheimer, converted the basement of their house into a lab for Steve and his brother Arnold. He brought all kinds of samples home and the children started to learn the essential oils and aroma chemicals by compounding formulas.  They became familiar with names such as Givaudan, Tombarrel, Leuders, Magnus, Maybee and Reynard, Norda, to name a few.  Suppliers from exotic places would come and visit their house, impacting their young imaginations with name such as Madagascar, Reunion Island and Comoros

Steve was always attracted by the scientific side of the business. He gained experience during two summer internships with Norda in 1957-58, where he worked as a lab technician doing analytical work on essential oils, using one of the first GLC chromatographs.  In 1964, Steve graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. He further enhanced his knowledge by attending the Master's program in chemistry at Columbia University, after his military service.

He joined the family business right after college, following the death of his father. He was one of eight employees.  At that time, Manheimer was located in downtown Manhattan.  They specialized in vanilla beans, essential oils, and other aromatic raw materials.

Steve was fortunate to have some very important mentors from the industry. Bernard Champon, Ray Lermond, Ed Scott, Lloyd Fishbach, Carl Mann, and Richard Pisano Sr.  

He soon was joined by his brother Arnold and his two cousins, Bruce and Alan. From vanilla the company expanded into essential oils and later into fragrances and flavors.  

Manheimer grew steadily from a company with 7 people occupying 450 sq. meters to a company that ultimately had 245 employees and occupied 30,000 sq. meters.

Kerry acquired Manheimer in 2004 where Steve is still currently working.

In 1973, Steve became the youngest president of the Essential Oil Association, the precursor of what is now IFRA NA. He stayed on the board until 2003.   Steve joined the Board of RIFM in 1983 where he is still serving.  He is also part of the National Advisory Council for the Monell Institute since 2001. IFEAT recently awarded Steve the Ron Neal Award of Excellence, for career contributions to the essential oils trade.


Lifetime Achievement Award
Laure Moutet

Born in Grasse, France, Laure Moutet is a third generation veteran of the flavor and fragrance business. Laure likes to say that “this business is in my genes; it is my passion and my area of expertise.”

Laure joined the family flavor and fragrance business in the early seventies and took over the company just 18 months later at the age of 24, when her farther suddenly died.  The company was named JPM Imports after Laure’s father, Jean Paul Moutet.   Laure was soon joined by Cecilia Castoro, Fran Macchia and Joanne Vertucci in business and the four of them formed the core of JPM for the next 30 years.

JPM steadily built its business as a sole agent in the USA for several European companies involved in essential oils and aroma chemicals sold to the flavor and fragrance industry.  JPM were also providers of dry botanicals and other ingredients for potpourri, soon becoming the “go to” company for this segment of the market. The JPM team worked in close partnership with the creative staff of several fragrance houses and Consumer Products Manufacturers (SC Johnson, Avon, Revlon, Carolina Herrera, etc.).  Sharing technical expertise and creativity, Laure and her colleagues conceived, manufactured and packaged potpourri blends.

In 1978, Laure married Steve Manheimer, but remained competitors in business until JPM merged with Manheimer in 2003!  In 1988, Laure was asked to serve on the Board of the Fragrance Materials Association (FMA) where Steve Manheimer was already serving.  Laure served on the FMA Board for almost twenty years, including holding the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.  She has also long-served important organizations within the fragrance trade, such as Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC), Residential Historical Coop, and the European Federation of Essential Oils (EFEO)

In 2004, the Kerry Group acquired Manheimer, where Laure worked for seven years as Vice President of Sales Natural Products.  Laure is now happily retired, but is still active on the WFFC on the technical committee and is serving on the board of the EFEO.